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Taylor of Harrogates makes a really tasty Scottish breakfast tea. BTW I forwarded a link from this site to a friend and she forwarded it to one of those Renaissance reinactors (creative anachronistic types) & he started on some vitriolic banter with me about the knitting and the costumes. I guess his ph.D. outranks my M.D./M.A. (well, maybe not)…..anyhow, I just complemented his lovely creations and dropped it. I tried to reason with him that Geillis & Claire are time travelers and anything could be possible with intelligent & creative women, to no avail. I just want to say here that I missed out on Mrs. Fizz’ bits (any chance of them coming back so I could take a weeeeeee peek?) I love, love, love all of Terry’s creations. I love, love, love the show and all the characters. I knit, embroider, sew, weave, play the bagpipes, speak 5 languages, am a physician and was born in Edinburgh. Who cares about “historical accuracy” when such drop-dead gorgeous creations are there to admire. A great big valentine to Terry for all her efforts & this lovely web site to admire her creations.