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Outlander Costume Designer


Terry Dresbach

[quote quote=4470]Sporrans. Before now, if I’d had to come up with a word to sound knowledgeable about Highlander clothing, I’d’ve said, “Sporrans,” with false confidence. And I’d’ve been thinking of those furry–and nicely rhythmic–things men wear in pipe bands. Now, thanks to you, I know that those pipe band uniforms are Victorian fantasies of historic Highland clothing (maybe filtered through military uniforms?). Your Highlanders are wearing non-furry pouches, which differ in detail from one another. And they don’t seem generally to be positioned over the mens’ crotches (excepting perhaps Ned?). Could you tell us anything about your research and choices of sporrans?
So glad you’re willing (and enjoy, I hope) to tell us about your work!

I was just sorting through some of my ideas from a year and a half ago, and I just knew not a lot about Scottish dress. I did a wedding sketch of Jamie based on the furry sporran, no waistcoat, no frock coat, and no proper kilt!!
But then it was study time, and a few weeks later all was right with the world. One thing I love is how much you can continually learn in this job.