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Really? I hardly ever notice errors in other books–and I’m a re-reader, so if they’re there I’ll find them. Other than occasional missing letters I don’t find much.

And they clearly don’t fix them, since Fiery Cross (which is what I’m re-reading ATM) came out how long ago? and is in what printing? And though my understanding of how e-books are published is limited to one class in Library School, they can fix e-books pretty easily and they don’t.

There has to be a reason they haven’t fixed the Gaelic mistakes in 1&2, and the French in 2, and the names in 3 & 4 which flop all over the place. I mean they knew that Germaine was feminine but they still keep it in the old books and just switch to Germain later leaving the old ones in…

I know she just asked people to tell her errors in MOBY so that they could fix the paperback, so I’m guessing they fix them once and then move on, since they make money either way.

I think my real problem is that I can’t red-pen my ebooks, which at least would make me feel some satisfaction 🙂