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Reply To: On Objectification of Sam, et al


First, let me say I love looking at SH–even though he is young enough to be my son (fortunately I don’t have one, so no guilt there) and I love looking at CB, too. They are beautiful people and the love scenes are just incredible, from raw passion to the first awkward and (disappointing for Claire) time on. I was a “verra loose girl” in my time and I certainly have no regrets, but as I am now supposed to have gained some wisdom , I just cannot think that women need to participate in sexist behaviour. Look, admire, fantasise, but do not share with either SH or CB. He does seem like such an “innocent” in terms of fame and LaLa Land. As I had said earlier when the picture in the pool first appeared, many were was relieved he was straight. Who cares? Are you sleeping with him–no, then it is not of interest. I went to drama school and the steamiest scenes I ever performed was with my best friend, who is utterly and completely gorgeous and gay. We can still heat up a room, with absolutely not a smidge of interest in each other. I hope these actors enjoy a long and happy career, but I am afraid they will not. It is very hard to cross the pond. Some do like Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy, but it is so very tough. I am really enjoying every aspect of this realisation of the characters. If I have failed to reply to anyone’s emails , it is because I am a hopeless twit , who got locked out of email account. Do watch Vikings. Travis Fimmel is a beauty and the there are shield maidens, too!