Terry Dresbach

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Reply To: Favorite wedding dresses!


The two dresses that stood out for me in my mind……….(neither of mine as both have ended disastrously. #2 was like Dianna’s), but i always thought these two were ‘perfection’to me are 1st. Patricia Nixon’s wedding dress by Priscilla of Boston. (I always wanted this gown or one by Priscilla of Boston!) or #2. Princess Grace’s gown. just timeless both of them to me.
If i can uncover a picture of my first gown, as much as i wanted a POB gown, I chose an antique gown from 1908. It is a white lawn, high necked with a gorgeous train,intricate lacing/tatting.

And I agree. I am so ‘over’ the sleevless, backless gowns…………