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Reply To: On Objectification of Sam, et al


THANK YOU for saying what i have been thinking ever since the Wedding Episode aired! I know that a lot of the comments on twitter have embarrassed me.

I am thankful that i was without internet service for past 3 days so i have not seen the conversations re SH or his date. How degrading for either of them, or their dates! I haven’t seen posts regarding CB’s body as SH’s on other lists. I even wrote a note about this….. I just cannot imagine how they must feel to all of the comments. I just want to apologize to them for the carrying on of some people! THAT is what is embarrassing to me. THEIR acting is spot on…….

The acting between SH and CB has brought Jamie and Claire to life……from the cold ashes of paper to the fire of the film screen. I honestly had never imagined what either of them looked like, other than reading the books. Let’s face it, they BOTH have brought the character’s to what *I imagined* them to be. I don’t think anyone could ever, ever be replaced for these roles now.