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[quote quote=4637]While you have this nice, clean thread I’m going to come in and drag my feet on the carpet.

Random questions:

1. How would you pronounce Brianna that isn’t Bree-ahnah?

2. How come no one EVER ask Claire if she was Catholic b/f she married Jamie?

I’m doubtful they’d make it a week

I am terribly, terribly allergic to horses. This is my husband’s version of Rachel Going Thru the Stones

Me: Oh, how weird. What happened? Oh, look, a handsome highlander!
JAMMF: Come with me and be my love.
Me: Oh, crap, is that a horse?
Me: [dying] well, this totally sucks.


Diana explains that later in the series… Breee aaahhhh naaaahhh

Well, this totally sucks….BWAHAHAHA I swear I’m not laughing at your horse allergy, I’m allergic to hay and wool, so we’d be in similar states of strife.

[quote quote=4636]I know we are all waiting with baited breath to see how Wentworth plays out onscreen. I’m also looking forward to the pit scene/witch trial with Geillis and Claire.
I’ve always had a bit of morbid fascination with witch trials – and the mob mentality that can condemn innocent lives to horrible deaths with just words.

I’m also excited for that particular scene. Though I’m more excited for the scenes from…


Geillis’s resurrection and the scenes in the cave. This entire section of the books stands as one of my favorites, probably because it includes Lord John Grey, and I love him.