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Hi! I’ve only recently discovered this forum and have been reading through the threads and posts. I’m so happy to have found this place of refuge for Outlander fans! Thank you to Mandy and Terry! Thank you for letting me join this forum!

For tea, I live on Harney Hot Cinnamon Spice tea, both regular and decaf, with frothed almond milk and raw honey or maple syrup. I desparately desire a good gluten free/dairy free/low sugar scone. I also love to make almond milk honey cinnamon lattes.

My life changed a bit 2 years ago when I had to drastically alter my diet due to auto immune disease and food issues; I’ve lost 65 pounds and wander around looking for safe things to eat to keep my weight and energy up (don’t wish to be skinny or tired). I’ve substituted books (and love) for food! I need my energy because I recently changed from an office job to being a Barista. I’m also working to renew my teacher license.

Besides making a home for me and my husband, I love reading, writing, listening to music (especially Minnesota band, Cloud Cult), crafting things from wool sweaters, our pets and our grown kids. I love Minnesota and it’s strong Viking/Norwegian heritage. I see many similarities in scenery and people to Scotland’s highlands. I’ve not traveled much in my life and hope to in retirement. My long-time dream place is The Faroe Islands between Scotland and Norway.