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Reply To: On Objectification of Sam, et al



Thanks for your wonderful insight. Other than taking a peak at the Outlander Fans FB page now and then and following several fandom’s on Twitter, this is the only forum where I actively participate.

So I have not seen the references to SH’s sexual orientation. However, I thought it odd that he had not been “attacked” from that angle yet; and it was with much trepidation that I had that thought. It was pretty much inevitable, I guess. Unfortunate, but inevitable.

I find the idea of being able to follow anyone around and watch them, listen to them, and observe every little thing they do uninteresting and rather creepy; isn’t that called “spying”? I’m perfectly happy to have conversations on a more philosophical level to while away the time until Downton Abbey starts here in the states. Yes, you read that right … as a fan of Downton I only have to listen to the crickets and the tick tock of the clock in a quiet, empty room until the New Year. Then Downton will get me through the last two months until Season 2 of Outlander begins. 🙂