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Reply To: On Objectification of Sam, et al


I am so glad this has been discussed. I found myself really rather embarrassed when DG herself commented on Mr Hueghan’s bum at the premier(I think). Yes he is a lovely young man and talented actor. He seems to have about half the magnetism of Jamie Fraser– it’s called acting. Many years ago my romantic interest was an actor who became well known. There was a bum shot of him in one of his first movies. I had to endure endless questioning(pre Internet) about a very personal and private part of my life. I
was extremely protectiv of him– am still. He was in no way the characters he portrayed on screen or stage; he was/is a decent, kind human. I cherished our time together. We as women should never objectify another human being and I am appalled by just reading what some have said to a person do not know or about another woman who is apparently quite young. However, I suppose ( if that is possible) such open lust and jealously is a step up from the rather rude comments I saw about Mr Heughan not being convincing in the love scenes [ they were love scenes because Jamie is quite go smacked from the beginning with Claire] because he is gay. Really? DG really exploded about such chatter and defended his heterosexual orientation– but again, really. Mr Heughan’s life is no one business beyond his intimates. I say he is a jolly good sport to perform unclothed. Yes respect his choices as an actor as we respect women who make the same choices in their film. And oh, I am crone-aged so maybe I no longer get it–but I do cringe when women behave as insensitively as any teenaged male. Right, got that off my chest. [ I am late to the discussion myself having taken a break from all things Internet for a couple of weeks. Barb, sorry you experienced unpleasantness. I did ,too, last year when people who did not one another got into a heated argument on my FB page about the merits of same sex relationships and evolution.] I am very greatful to read the really thoughtful and interesting comments here. Terry, thank you for allowing us a place to discuss and for sharing your own insightful comments. Cheers-