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[quote quote=4570]CelticGlamazon,

The link you supplied is broken, but no matter; I can just imagine what was said (shudder).

Do you think that women are so enamored with Jamie’s gallantry, humor, irrepressible spirit, emotional intelligence and unflagging capacity for love that they are jealous of the woman in the Halloween costume? I do believe they may have taken the Outlander story so much to heart that they want SH to be alone, so as not to get in the way of their fantasy.

She deleted the Tweet, I knew I should have taken a screenshot.

I think this entire thing is about jealousy. The fantasy of the man is strong, be it Jamie or Sam. His presence in interviews paints a picture of a gallant, beautiful, and kind man. Who wouldn’t be enamoured by that. I think this represents an accurate picture of the anonymity that people feel they have on the internet, and reinforces the idea that many people don’t know how to regulate their inside voice. 🙂

Thank you for detailed response. I’ll check out the other thread.

[quote quote=4571] SH hanging out with other women who he may or may not be dating challenges this fantasy.

CelticGlamazon, I’ve read an article about Daniel Radcliffe’s recent interviews that reminded me of your earlier post. Here it is in case you’re interested: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/news/daniel-radcliffe-on-being-an-odd-romantic-lead-well-the-male-population-had-no-problem-sexualising-emma-watson-immediately-9819369.html/

People don’t enjoy their fantasies being challenged, and I agree, that is what is happening when we are forced to see him as a human being with a life outside of Outlander. I am glad that I saw more supportive tweets in the aftermath than hurtful ones. It’s the comments that “fans” think he won’t see that really riled me up. Facebook is becoming a cesspool of internalized sexism and degrading comments, that are making me rethink my participation in many of the fan forums hosted there.

Love the article, I shared that on Tumblr the moment I heard of it. He really nailed it.

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Unfortunately also, this will happen again when Sam (or Catriona) is shown with someone else. There is always going to be a very vocal minority who will engage in this kind of juvenile and rude behavior and there isn’t really anything to do about it. I hope it doesn’t sour him on the majority of his fans who don’t behave that way. I also hope he is using his “mute” feature on Twitter to ignore those who are engaging in the behavior – if they’ve done it once they will do it again but he doesn’t have to see it.