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Reply To: On Objectification of Sam, et al


[quote quote=4576]Blond girl in the bikini tossing gifs (is her name Amy? I have purposely not tried to find out, but SH retweets her stuff) has some ovaries on her. I don’t care WHAT my relationship with SH was, I would be scared shitless of posting anything that implied I was in some way close to him because I’d just be waiting for some crazy fan to stab me.

Huge props to that woman!

So whilst we’re admitting things… SH has a nice ass and all, but the whole package does NOTHING for me…

I think they go way back to when they were both starting out together in acting. As to their current relationship – don’t know and don’t care. That’s their business. I have my own very nice personal life and the people in it and I don’t have the time or the inclination to spend fantasizing over some actor who, while he may be a very nice person, is someone who will never be a part of my life in reality.

I agree that anyone who gets personally involved with someone in the spotlight deserves admiration for facing the S*** they are going to have to go through.

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