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Reply To: On Objectification of Sam, et al



The link you supplied is broken, but no matter; I can just imagine what was said (shudder).

Do you think that women are so enamored with Jamie’s gallantry, humor, irrepressible spirit, emotional intelligence and unflagging capacity for love that they are jealous of the woman in the Halloween costume? I do believe they may have taken the Outlander story so much to heart that they want SH to be alone, so as not to get in the way of their fantasy.

I’m not saying that DG herself hasn’t done such a fabulous job of creating a man of such unheralded qualities that many women would turn away at the “thought” of having such a man in their lives. But perhaps some take it too far and are actually jealous at what they see as a rival to their rightful place in SH/Jamie’s life. (I’m sure this has happened with other celebrities/actors, but I don’t follow Hollywood so I am blissfully unaware).

If Jamie and other men like him were waiting at the other end, and it was absolutely guaranteed that one could travel through the stones, I daresay women would be lining up in droves at Circles of Stones around the world and paying goodly amounts of money to “go”.

There is a post in the tea room from a woman who came “here” to Terry’s site because she found it so calm, thoughtful and respectful. (Which it is, and thank you for that, Terry!) She was disturbed by the blurring of the line between SH the actor, and Jamie the character, on another fandom site. I know I’m not quoting her precisely, but I think the implication was that it was a bit creepy. The post was very nicely written by a lovely person. I bring this up because it supports what I am suggesting here.

I wrote another post yesterday wondering what the ratio of women who read the books as opposed to those who didn’t are, in terms of who is making the distasteful social media comments. I think (my opinion only) that those who have read the books relate to Jamie and Claire as long-term friends for whom they have much respect. Dreamy respect, perhaps, but respect nonetheless. Then, I think there is the “television only” audience to Outlander that has been “trained” to objectify the beautiful people we see on-screen by all of the shows that have come before Outlander.

The only thing I can suggest to women who objectify (and I write this paragraph with tongue in cheek) who want to have a SH/Jamie-kind-of-guy at their beck and call is that they get busy writing a book of their own. That way, they can have him all to themselves, without any competition.