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Reply To: The Big O

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magical scottish penis AND honest convo about the big O! idk if i can take it! ha ha ha ha!

i’m one of those that has rarely, if ever, had an orgasm through another’s agency. i do (more than) just fine on my own, but poorly with all my male partners. it’s a bummer 🙁

now, i find the sex scenes in the books to be fairly hot. (and here’s my second confession, i used to write smutty fan fiction and even won a hotness award in a sex-themed competition.) _however_ *ducks potential pitchforks and rotten food* i do _not_ find the J&C sex scenes in the show (to date) to be hot, sexy, and/or terribly realistic (other than the deflowering of jamie bit). where’s the foreplay? and unless it truly is magical scottish penis, how on earth could a sexually unexperienced man pick up a woman and impale her on his erect cock without someone using a hand to help guide things? did anyone else wonder about this, or is it only me?

since this is such a confessional post, i’ll also confess something else likely unpopular — i find the sex/kissing/intimate scenes between F&C to be much, much sexier/hotter….

*crawls back under rock and hides*