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Reply To: On Objectification of Sam, et al

mostly a lurker

i saluted you at the time on twitter. i think what you’ve said and how you’ve said it is brilliant. and i heartily agree.

i filter and limit my exposure to social media (and these forums) for multiple reasons, one being the objectification of others and another being the entitlement some feel about doing so.

i come to this fandom from another where i found the blurring of boundaries between the actor and the role they were playing _extremely_ disturbing. they are _not_ one and the same. i’ve worked in the industry and several members of my extended family still do, so i well know that actors are people, too, with feelings and foibles, strengths and weaknesses, and insecurities, too. they are no better nor worse than anyone else — we are all human beings together, yk?

i’m very grateful to be able to participate here and hope i’ll be able to come by and comment a bit more often in the future. I’ve had my screen name (mostly a lurker, mostlyalurker, mal and/or ms. mal) since 2009, and i acquired it because i tend to lurk quietly and watch more than i chime in or speak unless i feel comfortable to do so. in some areas/topics i am more confident and vocal than others. thank you, terry and mandy for creating an environment for us to explore potentially controversial and/or taboo topics with intelligent, thoughtful, considerate, respectful conversation while embracing multiple points of view. i, for one, am immanently grateful.