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You’re related to kings!? Echoing Sanderson, “VERRA cool!”

I will also have to check out Scotland’s People, thank you for sharing the resource. Things get really sketchy around the time the MacFies’ Chief was killed and the clan disbanded (1600’s). I have been fortunate enough to have some older family members who have been working on our genealogy for a long time, and even more fortunate to come from a family of storytellers who have passed down certain stories related to our history. Of course, this can be very much like a game of telephone, 😉 but thankfully someone thought to write it down a number of generations back. I’ve been checking these stories (and my family’s own records) against records I’ve been finding through ancestry.com and the LDS site.

I’m of mixed race (dominantly African) which is why I thought the meaning of the MacFie name (“dark person of peace”) was so interesting when I discovered what it meant. Of course, it’s just a coincidence, because there were hardly any Africans in Scotland around the 13th century, but still…! As for the MacFie tie specifically, back before interracial marriage was considered illegal in the US (which surprisingly, didn’t happen until many, many years after America had been settled), a free black woman married a MacFie (actually, at that point, the spelling had changed to McAfee)… and they are my ancestors. I need to find out more, but I find the whole thing extremely fascinating. Every fact I learn is like opening a gift!

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