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Reply To: 1771 America (possibly SPOILERS)


[quote quote=4418]Thanks for sharing! Are you a fellow DMV resident or just visiting? (If you don’t mind me asking…)

I haven’t been to Claude Moore in probably a decade. The last time I was there it was for a volunteer project during which I spent 8 hours on a ladder helping to re-roof a structure with hand-wrought nails and this awkward, but authentic, hammer. Not such a fun day for the girl who avoids home-maintenance projects like the plague.
This actually sounds like something right down my alley. I love DIY, construction, building stuff, etc. + a history major.
My dad built our log cabin by hand and INSISTED that he use authentic square head nails on the inside paneling. He cracks me up. After the house was built and family & friends would come over for a tour and visit, no one ever noticed the square nails. So Dad made a point to highlight them on every tour. And it rubbed off on me… so whenever someone would come over and I’d show them around, I’d be sure to point out the nails for Dad.