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Reply To: The Big O


[quote quote=4411]So glad women are talking about this! My question is- when did authors start to write sex scenes with anything other than penetration for the big O? Remember this book was written 20-some years ago. Books have come a long way since then, right?

I’ve read Victorian erotica that was pretty spot on as far as using all options for reaching the big “O”, but see what you mean. Things have gotten better for sexual realism. In an effort to avoid spoilers, the realism of the sex in the series gets more and more accurate as the series progresses. It’s one of the things that makes me love the books as much as I do. It’s not all magic Scottish Penis sex. 🙂 /I’m not kidding, that’s my new favorite thing.

[quote quote=4400]And I thought I’d go ahead and add re: The Magical Scottish Penis – my husband is Scottish… so there’s, that. LOL![/quote] <<– Jealous, just saying.

[quote quote=4406]I still say there’s something about anatomical setup and how one’s own meets someone elses. Thus explaining said friend’s orgasms, if not her taste in men.[/quote]

Just think of that survey on a dating sight. Please choose which part accurately describes the precise geometric shape of your said part? A. B. C. D. etc. ***We will now match you with appropriately corresponding magic bits.

I agree completely with this, and her taste in men is atrocious. This thread prompted me to ask how her beau is in bed, and apparently he’s not keeping up. So the magic penis theory stands.