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I ALSO want to know if the cowl is a thick, one-piece or an “infinity” style scarf doubled over. The wider one-piece patterns I’ve seen don’t seem to lay right. The doubled over style look much more like what Claire wears, but it’s hard to tell. Since I plan on investing in some authentic, un-dyed wool for this project (maybe even from Scotland:)) I really wish I knew the TRUE answer. PLEASE, could you tell us, Terry? (Can you see my eyes batting from there???) Claire’s just lays so beautifully! It might help that Claire is a very experienced model, or that she has a crew to help it look “just right” – still, I would buy an official book of patterns in a heartbeat if it meant having the exact pattern. I’m thinking there would be a market for the sewn patterns and housewares as well.

I HAVE seen one of the thick cowl patterns that decreases a bit in the middle to give it a nicer “lay”.