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But… anyone else besides me ponder the whole “penis + vagina = Claire orgasm” thing that happens all the time? Clearly we all want Jamie to be our Imaginary Boyfriend because he goes down on Claire and because he clearly cares that she is satisfied, but… but… I cannot help but fear that people who read these books think it’s that simple for most women to come… Obviously, I can only speak for myself and for other women with whom I am close enough to have said conversations, but for all of us The Big O isn’t as simple as it is for J&C.

So, is it just me? Does the rest of the world have vaginal orgasms that rival the ones Claire has?


This is one of those, Hi strangers, let me share my sex life with you, moments! 🙂

So I’m torn on this subject, and jealous of Claire. I’m 34, in great health, had some lovely partners, and have never…ever…not even once achieved orgasm through penetration alone. My best friend, same age, etc., was the same until she met Magic Penis/Horrible personality at 32. Something about this guy flipped a switch for her, and bam…all the orgasms.

So I’m living under the believe that there is a magic scottish penis out there for everyone (I don’t actually believe that, I just love the term magic scottish penis), and possibly because I secretly hope this is true.

I came to terms with this when I was still married, for 8 years, and realized that I was just as responsible for my “O” as my partner was, and things became more interesting from there. I’ve had partners that get super upset over this though, it’s like they take it as a competition for their manhood to be the “one”. That becomes tiresome.