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thanks so much for the link. just read the full post and am in full agreement with the message that we females should show the same respect for the male body that we want males to show for our bodies. and the writer makes a good, solid argument to back up that point. but what impressed me the most was this part near the end:

Now, it is entirely possible that Sam Heughan really doesn’t care that his backside is the object of such scrutiny. Maybe he thinks it is hilarious that he is in possession of the ass that launched a thousand internet memes. Perhaps too, he is so good-natured that he will never, ever grow weary of every tittering interviewer asking him what he wears beneath his kilt…

those words brought to mind sam’s reaction to diana’s remark during the 92nd street y panel about the attractiveness of his ass. he laughed and showed what i saw as every indication of feeling flattered! i have the sense that sam is happy in his own skin and much too knowledgeable about the multi-faceted world in which he makes a living to be flustered or otherwise bothered by such attentions. of course, if it were only his body that were attracting attention, and not his stunning acting in the role of jamie, it might be a different story. but absent that acting gift, he would not have been picked for the part by ron and diana, and this whole issue would not have surfaced.


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