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Reply To: Leaving Scotland


The first time I visited Scotland, I drove from Manchester, England to Edinburgh in a long, meandering trip along the northeastern coast. I will never, ever forget my first stop for gas after I’d crossed the border into Scotland on my way to Eyemouth. I went inside to pay and said something to the clerk and he gave me the biggest smile, saying, “Aye! A yank might ye be!”. Long story short, we ended up being invited to their home for dinner and they joined us for dinner in Eyemouth the next night. We became friends and wrote back and forth for years.

It doesn’t take long for Scotland (the geographic beauty) and the Scots people to find a place in your heart.

What a lovely tribute you wrote to Scotland’s beauty! I envy you having been there long enough to see the seasons change, as well as the fact that you’re going back … sigh.