Terry Dresbach

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Reply To: The Dress


Just a bit of trivia on the dress of all dresses. I was really curious about what a shilling (what Ned paid for the dress on The Wedding episode) would be worth today. I spent about three hours on the Internet yesterday reading some fascinating history of what people paid for clothing, housing and food during the 18th century. Due to currency-worth fluctuations and the cost of living at the time, it is actually very hard for historians to pinpoint a direct correlation between the worth of today’s currency and that of the 18th Century. So while I have to put in a disclaimer that I am a casual student of 18th Century lifestyles (and far from an expert), I came up with a grand total of $10.38. That is the amount, in US Dollars, that Ned would have parted with when he bought the dress in the whorehouse.

That being said, it was by far the most brilliantly, beautifully pieces of art that I have ever seen. The leaves truly did look like they were gently floating on air. Just breathtaking.