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Terry Dresbach

[quote quote=3912]Okay, I am totally willing to admit that I am hanging with the majority when it comes to being turned on by J&C’s sex scenes in the books (I’ll let you know about the TV show when Claire stops looking like someone killed her puppy).

But… anyone else besides me ponder the whole “penis + vagina = Claire orgasm” thing that happens all the time? Clearly we all want Jamie to be our Imaginary Boyfriend because he goes down on Claire and because he clearly cares that she is satisfied, but… but… I cannot help but fear that people who read these books think it’s that simple for most women to come… Obviously, I can only speak for myself and for other women with whom I am close enough to have said conversations, but for all of us The Big O isn’t as simple as it is for J&C.

So, is it just me? Does the rest of the world have vaginal orgasms that rival the ones Claire has?

(Terry knows I’m drunk… I think I had 2 sips too many. 2 sips less I probably could have been more scholarly about the subject [actually did an oral report on female orgasms once (the pun in that still kills me) so I probably have enough footnotes in my brain to do it]. At this point, though, I’m just feeling curious and nosy)


LOL, I do think you are fantastic, Rachel!