Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

Reply To: Podcast


Season 1, Episode 1.
Q. Like getting ready for a huge trip, what was it like getting ready for Outlander? How big is the shopping list?
Q. Is someone taking pictures of all the costumes to capture your work?
Q. What is your interaction with the Prop Dept., when the costume is in need a shield or other weaponry, to go with an outfit. Do you put together the whole outfit including weapons? Then do you have to know something about weapons as well? Where the sword goes and hangs, shield goes, gun holsters, powder horns, and knives.

Q. With each episode, what is the most difficult challenge?
Q. How large is your team doing the costumes?
Q. Are you on set for the shooting to oversee the costume set-up?
Q. What happens to the costumes when you are done with a shoot, and some can only be worn once?

Thanks mucho for your time!