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My Steps to Falling in Love with Claire Fraser: From Book 1 and On (SPOILERS for Non-Book Readers)

1. First turned my head: When she traveled through time and got right down to surviving, scolding scots and generally not crumbling into a sad, teary mess.

My response to this was similar, I fully expected her to fall apart, and found myself waiting for that to happen. Then it…didn’t. I remember being in awe of her strength of will.

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3. When I realized my feelings were more than a crush: She fought and killed a wolf. Enough said.

The amount of adrenaline I was running on during this part of the book, had me sitting on the edge of my seat while reading. My roommate kept walking through the room, and giving me very strange looks, because I would jump every time I thought it was the end of Claire.

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4. Totally in love: She employs a strange mix of medicine, magic and sexuality to bring Jaime back to life post-Wentworth.

Thank you for validating that I’m not a huge weirdo because of my appreciation for this scene. This is a part of the story that has stuck with me in a visceral and clear way.

The thing that I love about Claire, more than any other aspect, is her ability to stay rational. She is aware of the cultural implications behind behaviors that most modern women would flip over. She is able to take a hit and keep on rolling. Even later in “A Breath of Snow and Ashes,” when she becomes markedly irrational in response to fight or flight triggers, she still works hard to analyze the response and approaches it directly. I’ll end my fangirling to say, I just love her to pieces.