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Just found this article with some relevance to our discussion. It ends with the following (emphasis mine):

“Throughout Bad Feminist Gay returns to the idea that no one book, film, or television show can do everything, but, for better or ill, we tend to look to single books, films, or television shows as signposts to help us figure out where our focus should be. Gay’s work points us in the right direction. She is modeling a feminist discourse that is more inclusive, and building a community that is not about teaching white women what they probably already know, but requiring them to confront what they might be inclined to ignore. You don’t have to be a good feminist and/or A BLACK ♀ to be part of Gay’s community, but you do have to pay attention to the messiness of the world, in all its hues and permutations.”

Here’s the whole article. http://thenewinquiry.com/essays/%E2%99%AB-roxane-%E2%99%AB/

I’m adding Bad Feminist to my reading list.