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Relating to the article on Huff post, and all of your commentaries:
as a VERY 30+ newcomer to the series and as a segue, to the books, I’m watching and reading all of the upsurge of opinion across the board with an academic’s mind, and point of view. Living through the feminist movement, and affected in daily doings by societal reaction to females and their “loose” behavioral patterns, my life has been full of observations based upon actual experience. What has happened over the last many decades is a tiny shift in patterning female behavior, and the condemnation of feminine sexuality. Not huge. Tiny. I liken it to the first appearance of Granola bars on supermarket shelves. For years and years, we all had to make our own granola, not that we didn’t love doing so, but because we never found organic products available in the mainstream, EVER. When Kellog’s or whomever packaged and marketed their “new” granola bars, and I actually saw them in the supermarket, I knew that the point of view had changed. Perhaps it will be the same because of Outlander, and the decisive way that the series is written. The WORD proferred by the brilliant DG is what created this dynamic character of Claire. The series will make a dent in public opinion about many sexual issues, but we can only hope that society in general will be affected by this, and that the miasma of public opinion will shift. Unfortunately, treatment of women remains per the status quo: lesser pay, brutal treatment, insulting behavior. Yesterday, in the busy streets of New York City, I saw a woman thrown from a car by a man. She sat on the sidewalk, in obvious distress, yet refused help and decried my calling the police. She walked away from the situation, as did the offender, but I’m left to think that opinion has to change from her own point of view, before the man would see why he had done was wrong. The police did come, because in NYC, response is quite often immediate ( we love our cops), but they could do nothing because both parties had disappeared into the crowds. Unless women in general start to see themselves as individual, strong, pillars, goddesses, and that they truly deserve equal treatment in society, that society will not change it’s opinion fast enough. Nuff said. Now back to OFA, and rereading the series!