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Reply To: Picture requests!


Sorry, I looked in the wrong place! I read all the posts under the dress, the wedding and Claire, but didn’t read the “general costuming discussions”. My bad! I only joined yesterday and should have given myself more time to catch up before I asked questions that had already been answered. So the hems were left raw edged? Thank you so much for giving all the behind the scenes detail. I think every sewer and smocker watching the show wonders how things were made and what fabrics were used. I participated in the 1912 pattern project where they took a years worth of ladies magazines from the era, made patterns from it, and had the resulting patterns tested on 21st century women. There were lovely corsets and corset covers done for that era. Some of the garments were beautiful, but none of them had the richness of detail that this era had. Oh what I wouldn’t give to have an excuse to make a gown from this era. I’ve made corsets but of plain coutil, nothing so elegant as the ones here! Now I can watch the wedding episode again without stopping and rewinding all through the ceremony!
Thank you again for your generous gift of time! I think you would be surprised at how many of us armchair costumers there are out here, wishing not that they were Claire, but that they were one of the many skilled artisans who toil behind the scenes making Claire’s beautiful clothes!
My last question – When are the Emmy Nominations announced?