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Reply To: On Objectification of Sam, et al



Thank you for sharing this article. I think the term Revenge Feminism is a brilliant description for this type of objectification. I have heard many women, while in open discussion about the objectification of men, say things like “well, they did it to us first.” My response has always been, how does returning the favor make it right? I know that this isn’t the equality I am looking for in a socially conscious and equal world.

My personal stance is that I think it’s healthy to recognize an attraction to a person/character, I think the line is drawn, for me, when attraction is expressed with possessive exploitation instead of appreciation. It’s my opinion, but it seems tasteless to degrade an actors talent over something as trivial as being able to see their junk through their clothes.

I know that I’ve felt embarrassed as a fan of the Outlander Series and Books, when other fans tweet degrading things to Graham and Sam. My instinct is to scream, “No, don’t do that…they’re people, with feelings…what are you doing?”

~Crystal aka CelticGlamazon