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Hello everyone. I just found out about this forum via a FB group and I wanted to say how happy I am to find such thoughtful, intelligent discussions here about some very sensitive topics. Just love reading all the comments.

I’m new to the books, but I’m on book six now. I and my husband are loving the TV series. What a breath of fresh air in many, many ways!

When I mentioned to my husband (quite the scifi fan) that Ron D. Moore was doing this series his reaction was telling: he said that Moore’s scifi tv shows have been so head and shoulders above the usual–so much more complex and adult. That was enough for him to want to watch the series with me, although I think he would have anyway 🙂

I agree with so many of the comments and analyses but, as a psychology major (1976) and also have the equivalent of a degree in English (Like Barb above) I just want to clarify some terms that are very commonly confused. BJR is a psychopath for sure. This type is totally in touch with reality and the term is a different category of mental illness from a psychotic, which IS a person whose brain causes a break with reality (hallucinations, etc.). Just wanted to get that straight 🙂

I’m sure I’ll have more to say as I keep reading. Do carry on! 🙂