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ok, rachel, i’ll engage! 1] how can we know for sure that it wasn’t kosher wine? and 2] even if it wasn’t, do minor errors such as this invalidate the assessment of diana’s research as thorough? i don’t know if you’re familiar with the yeche jewish crowd in washington heights in new york. if you are, you will know that among these orthodox german jews what is deemed kosher depends on the rabbi of the particular synagogue each belongs to. we have to remember that all religious dicta – including what is and what is not deemed kosher in judaism – are formulated by men. and as we know, there are rarely two men – particularly two jewish men – who think alike! i have heard like comments from catholic friends who chose carefully the priest they went to for required premarital counseling. the issue for them was birth control. [by the way, if you meant your comment as humor, my apologies for picking it up as seriously intended.]