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jenjdalton, welcome on board! a few thoughts on your comments about the treatment in the books of native americans: i understand your discomfort. i had the same reaction to the section about the rothschilds, which felt antisemitic to me until i came to recognize, via thoughtful responses from diana and other gabaldonians, that it was handled accurately according to thoughts about jews in the times in which it took place. but i also saw in the interaction among the young rothschild, jamie and claire every evidence of mutual respect and interpersonal interest – in other words, wanting to get to know each other. i see the same in the handling of native americans in the books. there is no effort to gloss over or deny the many differences between the folks who populated the continent before europeans intruded [yup, i do see it that way!] and the europeans themselves, but at the same time i was fascinated by the evolution of jamie’s initial fear of “the savages” into working relationships – again based on learning about each other – that developed between jamie and various native american groups. it’s not much different from the situation with various european nations. as for the violence depicted on the part of the native americans, how different is it from the violence shown by europeans over the centuries other than in methods? when you come right down to it, there isn’t a group mentioned in the series that cannot be said to suffer from honest description based on diana’s incredibly thorough research, while at the same time receiving empathic understanding by our beloved characters – catholicism itself, various protestant groups, various national groups, even various scot cultures – highlanders versus lowlanders, farmers versus “fisher folk” and more. one of the benefits of reading these books is the education they provide – and generate via the many forums the books have spawned – about all manner of history and current worldly events. so sit back, relax, read and enjoy, read and learn!