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Reply To: The Big O


I’ve been married only once for 35+ years. We were both each others first and I have to say that at the beginning we had a lot of learning to do. But we learned together. 🙂

I orgasm every time – he makes sure I do! 🙂 🙂 Sometimes it takes some oral first and other times I can come really quickly without it. I think that partly depends on how tired/stressed I am. But often I find that mental foreplay is as effective if not more effective than physical. That can take the form of a well written sex scene in a book or just little things between us over the course of a day or evening. Wasn’t there a museum show years back titled something along the lines of “Your biggest sex organ” and when you went to it the subject was the brain?

I think the explanation Claire gives in the book for her immediate responsiveness to Jamie on their wedding night is that she (a) is suffering from deprivation since she and Frank had a healthy sex life and (b) she has been attracted physically to Jamie from the first and has been fighting the attraction. That wasn’t communicated in the tv show. The omission of her thoughts on that and of her book reaction at seeing him in his “full highlander glory”, plus her looking “like someone killed her puppy” for much of the wedding night makes it difficult to understand why she would respond to him so quickly and leaves the “magical Scottish penis” as the only explanation.

There are also time constraints since showing a very lengthy sex scene (which would be more realistic) would be problematic in the time allotted for the show. And, to add her thoughts in would have required more voiceovers. Finally, much of the focus of the show to date has been showing her love for Frank to the non-book readers in order to not make her come across as fickle and self centered.

I put it down to a difference between mediums – in a book you can “tell” more easily than on tv where you have to “show” which can be difficult when there is so much introspection in the source material. It will be interesting to see how the second half “shows” Claire’s growing love for Jamie since, again, there is a lot of introspection in the book that tells the reader what is going on in her emotions and mind.