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Hello all! I can’t even remember what led me to first read the Outlander books. It was in early 2001. We’d just moved into the house we live in now and we were looking forward to just sitting in a chair and NOT MOVING after we’d gotten all the boxes unpacked. So I somehow get my hands on this book called Outlander. I think I stopped reading long enough to order the rest of the books that existed at that point on Amazon, then went back to my reading. I gained back 11 of the 15 pounds over the next month because all I did was sit on my ass and devour those books! Sometimes I couldn’t stop and would read half the night, which did not serve me well at work the next day. 🙂

I didn’t even know that it was going to be on TV until I read an article somewhere, and Episode 1 (Sassenach) had already been on. Again, I stopped what I was doing, got our cable company on the phone and activated Starz to our account on the spot!

Ten years later, in 2010, I somehow got my husband intrigued enough to read the first book. He not only read them, and not only loves the show but he is reading all of the books for the second time!

What a guy. What a story. What a show.

And a huge, gigantic thank you to you and your husband, Terry, for upending your lives to go to Scotland and bring us this brilliant endeavor. After listening to your podcasts, it is obvious that a lot of brainstorming occurs even after you are offset and at home (wherever that might be at any given moment). Not to mention herself for breathing life into this fantastic story.

If all goes well, and we see one book per year on Starz, there will be another eight years of Outlander TV!!!!!!