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So I’m not the only one who was dumbstruck by Claire’s orgasm during the second go-round in the wedding episode! Is it possible she was just really ready? I didn’t think so, because the first “stab” at it in the show was one of function and mechanics only, without any foreplay – physical or otherwise. She was STILL spurning Jamie’s tenderness and touches after the first time and before the second so I don’t think she was revving her engines in her mind. She started climaxing as soon as he entered her, however, and I thought this was highly unlikely and unrealistic. Maybe that could happen if there had been tons of foreplay if a woman is bursting at the seams, so to speak?

So one must wonder; is it possible for a woman who can orgasm so quickly and with so little build up – to have an orgasm when she is raped? Sorry if that is offensive but there is, after all, a lot of raping going on in the books.

Speaking of such things, its a wonder J&C ever have sex again after she is dragged from the stones back to Fort William in the last episode. I mean she is raped/almost raped twice in one day by different men. (I think the jury is still out on whether the redcoat, whom she stabs in the kidneys, actually penetrates her.) I know the episodes ended there, but I think (based on the books) that it is reasonable to assume that their sex life doesn’t end there.

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