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allison, your post resonates with my experience as a reader of dg’s works, and with that of many other readers. i find that the word “fiction” somehow doesn’t belong to dg’s writing. while the characters are [for the most part] fictional, diana’s portrayals are so real-to-life that it’s been hard for many of us to keep in mind that they are in fact not real people. this comment has been made by many on diana’s facebook page. i don’t remember exactly how i stumbled onto diana’s books.

my reading of fiction began only about two years ago when i retired after many years in the mental health field. i had read nothing but professional stuff over the years before retiring to keep up with endless continuing education requirements for maintaining licenses and membership in professional organizations. although i found the beginning of the first book a bit slow-moving, i stuck with it and have no regrets, other than no longer being able to enjoy other works of fiction. i just keep rereading diana’s works! good luck to you with your writing!

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