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I think that we all need to think of the defining point as , “how old were we when we red these books?” I was in my early 30s, like you.Here I am still. Now you are here. Shared experience at about the same point in our lives, just different years when we entered the dialogue.
I suspect, and hope, that the TV show will bring in a lot of younger women. (I actually designed that ring for THEM)
It should be an interesting multi generational discussion.

This is a good question Terry. I read the first 3 books in my early 30s – they resonated but I didn’t really dig into them. Being a fan of the series now and loving all aspects of it (OMG do I love the art, customs, set designs, writing, acting, landscape), it inspired me to re-read the first 3 (I don’t know why but I’m almost compelled to reread even a 3rd time!!) and I plan to keep going. I’m finding even more of personal resonance now almost 10 years later. On the outside, my family has been tracing our roots for years and we’re finally getting to the names and dates of immigrants from Ireland, Scotland and England spanning from the 1600-1800s and it’s been fascinating. So reading and seeing historical fiction touching on my own ancestral connections is really a thrill. There’s definitely an ironic timing of my own geneology research juxtaposed to exploring my own ancesteral lines moving forward and backwards – it’s quite spiritual & powerful.



You raise so many interesting ideas in your post but the one above really reverberated with me.

When I read Outlander the first time I didn’t even think about my ancestry. My mom passed away a few years ago and the one thing she said she always regretted was that she never went to Scotland. Her dad was born in the Highlands, served as a Gordon Highlander in WWI in the trenches, ended up in NYC where he met and married my grandmother, and never returned to Scotland. My mom had his full dress uniform – kilt and all, for years but it was lost in a move. I never knew him as he died very young as a result of war injuries, but I wish I knew more about him and our family back in Scotland. My brother has so far traced him back to his father and mother and maybe a few siblings, but has not had much luck past that. My goal now is to make the trip my mom never got to make and maybe find some more information in Scotland about our family and ancestry.