Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer



I am 29, and got into the books last year. I first read DG in the Songs of Love and Death anthology, featuring one Jerry MacKenzie, then picked up Outlander randomly in the library. Completely devoured the series. “How is it that no one has made this into a TV series?” I thought to myself. Then, I saw at the back of the book, “Coming soon to Starz!” Yay! I keep rereading them, sometimes just skipping to my favorite parts.

I’ve been married for almost 5 years. I got my husband into the show, and I’m hoping to get him into the books. A lot of things in the books I can’t describe; I want him to experience them himself, especially regarding Claire and Jamie’s marriage.

I missed a lot of the talk here about feminism and whatnot, but just wanted to say I’m an engineer, and engineering is very much a male-dominated industry. I have a brother, which I think makes me able to work comfortably with men; in fact, I have found it more difficult to have female friends than male friends. But I feel very passionately that girls shouldn’t feel like there isn’t a path open to them because they’re not “supposed to” want it, or they “can’t” master it, or it’s not “for them” for some silly reason like gender.

Lastly, I love the discussions here. You all have such interesting perspectives and it’s great to share in Outlander fandom with you all!