Terry Dresbach

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Reply To: The Big O


I second that-Jaime’s first experience of giving a woman an Orgasm was UNINTENTIONAL. Oh man, what I would give for a dude to unintentionally make me come! But the truth for me, and a lot of women I know, is that giving the lady the big O is an intentional pursuit.

In terms of the potrayal in the media I think youre partly right Sonya-though I have found it more to be either :

A: What, women have orgasms independent from the male climax? (Male writer pauses, scratches head) We really need these characters to climax simultaneously…you know…plot…The lead guy is so attractive we’ll just have her appear to be orgasming from the kiss on.


B. This is a sex scene, not a women’s lib consciousness raising. She’ll look like she’s consenting but thats it.

I would argue that Outlander’s depiction of sex in the wedding episode was perfect EXCEPT for the Big O. I mean, couldn’t it just have lasted a little longer…or maybe shown Jaime to have done something more erm intentional before Claire climaxes?! I dont need cunnilingus out of the poor boy but jesus, no wonder he falls in love with Claire! He just sticks it in her a few times and BAM! “Good Lover Stamp of Approval” At least put her on top…