Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer



Wow! such a youthful group! I am 61, single mother of three, grandmother of 3. Still working as a consultant in a totally non-traditional field — construction and facility management (got started in the 70’s when women were rarely allowed on a construction site) — so I very much identify with the comments about the film industry.
I first read Outlander in 91 or 92. Devoured the next 3 and then left them alone for a while and returned to them after I left the corporate world and went into consulting. Re-DEVOURED them when I discovered books on tape for my ipod (that’s how I “read” Game of Thrones, Jordan’s Wheel of Time Series and a bunch of others).
Outlander resonated with me because it was a marriage of equals and I didn’t have that – despite 18 years of working at it!. The more I read them and absorb the words the more awed I become by how remarkable Claire & Jamie’s relationship is (in any era!). And on top of that, to keep the story alive, evolving and interesting across all those story arcs and historical events. Herself is brilliant . .