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[quote quote=3864]as a young woman just starting out in the industry I wish I could start a forum on just this. I think it is so important for young women in the industry to have older-female mentors. The only problem is, many women I have encountered so so busy fighting the fight that its hard to make the space to mentor someone else! Something i totally get. Im starting out in the doc world, which is a different beast. I do want to get into narrative filmmaking though…ugh, glad you have you in my life in this way Terry. I just fucking love visual storytelling…i cant shake the need to be a part of it, even in the face of the “shit”. [/quote]

Are there networking groups in your industry? If not, maybe gather with a small group – someone who’s been helpful to you, some colleagues, and just meet to talk about it, and see if there is enough energy/time to meet regularly? Also, maybe Geena Davis has some resources … she’s got an org focused on women in film …..