Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer



oh I entirely agree with that. Thats why I continue to read and love and celebrate the books despite the fact that such scenes exist! Even though that sequence challenges me, I think its a great thing-a refreshing thing to love a book and also to feel the need to question it and struggle alongside it. So often I only engage with work that has the patent “feminist approved” sticker on it. You miss out on conversations like this if you dont look beyond that narrow field.

I get a bit annoyed when fellow feminists refuse to engage with a film, book or piece of art simply because it may or may not depict something awful (rape, abuse, general misogyny) especially when it is doing something more complicated than just doing the whole “boob furniture” thing. If it IS doing something harmful, we should see it so we can expose it for what it is and undermine its power. If its making a more complex statement or as is the case with Outlander, depicting a time and place with the good the bad and ugly, then it shouldn’t be discounted.