Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer



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The film business is horrible. Absolutely horrible. For such a “liberal” culture the gender inequalities are staggering. It is a very difficult business for someone like me, the daughter of a feminist union organizer to tolerate. So I don’t. It is a daily struggle, sometimes quiet, and sometimes not between me and “the business”, as I push back and demand that things be done differently. Pretty exhausting, when you already have such insane conditions, and a lot of those conditions directly exist because the costume department is a department of women and gay men, so you are screwed over before you start. And it is twice as difficult because you not only fight against the culture at the top, but the culture at the bottom.
Everyone in this business lives in terror of getting fired if they speak up, and women/gay men, obviously have been culturally indoctrinated to accept less than their straight male counterparts. Getting them to stand up and push back is almost impossible.
So I am just a “pushy bitch”.

Project manager, organization leader & woman in tech & finance …. should we organize a #pushybitches union? Je suis pret!