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[quote quote=3819]Hmmm, I agree with some of this, but in terms of Jaime’s experience with women…remember his mother was a force to be reckoned with (talk abuot a lady before her time…) and he also grew up with Jenny practically raising him and running the household after his mother’s death.

Perhaps its not so much that he didnt have much experience with women in general, but more so that he had very little experience with a woman in a romantic/marriage relationship-especially a woman like Claire.

Also-I cant help but bristle at the statement that men and women think about something differently-(in this context) there a billion and one exemptions from the male behavior that you describe. My boyfriend is one of them. I am by far the more possessive when it comes to claiming my territory. Plus-there are so many socialization rituals we go through to understand “male” and “female” behavior in a monogamous relationship. The relationship between male biology and male socialization in a patriachy is soooooo hard to parse out. What is a “natural” “animal” urge and what is learned and reinforced through culture?

To your point Terry, maybe IF we didn’t live in a patriarchy where rape and abuse are used for domination then perhaps that scene would be different. But we dont, never have, and the world of Outlander certainly makes that very clear. Nevertheless I take your point. I am also very possessive in a healthy way-and if kept in the right balance, that part of a relationship can be healthy and sexy and totally empowering.

Its a hard scene for me. Ive appreciated all the posts that have gone into detail to explain Jamie’s motivations and how the episode results in a equal partnership. I however still have issues with it. (Which by the way, have in no way lessened my enjoyment or appreciation for the novels obviously) Especially because right before this he admits that he enjoyed whipping her (I wish it could have been made more explicit that he and Claire were into S&M!) and that she should be grateful he didnt have sex with her directly after because he had wanted to.

However I do seem to be in the minority on this one!


I understand your difficulty with it, but I am going to say again, that I have a real problem with digitally removing the cigarettes from movies made in the 40s. If this book were written according to modern idealism, it just would not ring true, it would not be believable. I think that Jamie is already so idealized and so modern, that it stretches the plausibility right to the edge. I also don’t want my books, films and television to have to fit into some sort of standard, I want them to reflect the way people actually are/were.