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In the “domination” scene when Claire says Jamie is hurting her and he continues [not when she says he’s crushing her and he responds] he really does want to possess her essence–she will call him master–but he cannot possess her without losing himself. It is the male instinct to “own” that is so troubling;

I have been thinking about this a lot. If we did not live in a culture where men wanting to “own” or “possess” a woman meant that some took that to include rape. If rape was not the elephant in the room, is it an issue? And is it purely a male inclination? I don’t think it is at all. My husband is MINE, he knows that, and everyone does. I am very possessive, in I think, a very positive and healthy way.
I am not sure that is a male territory.>>>

terry, i am in full agreement with you about the two-sidedness of that dominance thing – if indeed dominance is the correct term, or even possession. to me it’s more a matter of we’ve found each other; we love what we found, even with the wrinkles here and there; and we want to keep each other. it’s the mutuality in a relationship. your comment about your husband being yours gave me a chuckle: in one of the early online outlander discussions the issue of the tv series being faithful to the books came up, and ron said something to the effect that he wouldn’t dare mess up his wife’s favorite book! that man wants to make sure you keep wanting him to be yours!

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