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However, I want equal status in society. Period. I want equal pay, equal rights, I don’t want my daughter to feel she has to give up being smart at 15, because her only viable option is marriage, I want paid pregnancy leave, I don’t want to fear walking down the street or being alone in an elevator with a strange man, I am tired of women’s naked bodies being used to sell everything from cars to liquor, I am tired of every woman being sexualized…it is a long list. I am tired of men viewing women as property and treating them as such. But what goes on in my home and in my bedroom is my business, what goes on in the world is all of ours.

What you said.

Has anyone ever read The Gateway to Women’s Country by Shari S.Tepper? The book is based in a world run by women after the men screwed it up and pretty much destroyed civilization. Lots of interesting stuff about gender and roles in it.