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I am hardly a traditional woman, and I consider myself a proud feminist. But I am going to end up taking care of kids and home, more than my husband, because those things come more naturally to me, because I AM A WOMAN. He, on the either hand is going to take care of another list of tasks and responsibilities that come more naturally to him because HE IS A MAN. As long as the overall workload of our lives is equally balanced, then I could give a shit about who cooks more.

Feminism is strong, elastic and big enough to encompass this exact experience. It also can include experiences that dont fall within the binary of man and woman. I have lots of gender queer and trans friends who have taught me much on the subject . My feminism has to include a discussion of gender-it has to challenge the binary of man/woman because if it only focuses on giving women quality with men, we miss out on the many folks who don’t fall in that binary.

My friend Sam is a gender queer fellow (born a “woman”) who doesn’t identify as man or woman, doesn’t even identify as a trans-man. He goes by “he” to make it easier to operate in a world obsessed with the lie of he/she. His right to equal pay, equal rights to marriage, access to medical care and the ability to walk through the world with JUST as much agency as any cis-gendered man, is to me, a huge part of the feminist movement.