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I think that one of the main things that the feminist movement got wrong was the focus on gender roles. I think it completely distracted the moment. I want to be equal to a man AS A WOMAN, not as a faux man. I don’t have to be like a man to be equal to him. I grew up in a time and place where marriages and homes were like battle fields over issues like changing an equal number of diapers. Such nonsense. Is that really a hill to die on?
I am hardly a traditional woman, and I consider myself a proud feminist. But I am going to end up taking care of kids and home, more than my husband, because those things come more naturally to me, because I AM A WOMAN. He, on the either hand is going to take care of another list of tasks and responsibilities that come more naturally to him because HE IS A MAN. As long as the overall workload of our lives is equally balanced, then I could give a shit about who cooks more.
I don’t want to be married to a faux woman, I want to be married to a man. If I wanted to be with a woman, I would do that. I like men. I like men who are somewhat traditional in their male attributes. That does not mean a caveman. That does not mean I am subservient. It means an equal partnership between a strong, independent, fully realized, intelligent man and woman, who see each other as equals. the rest of it is flotsam and jetsam. That is what resonates for me about Jamie and Claire. It is a partnership of equals.

Partnership of equals, exactly!

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