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I think we are all those women in one form or another. I quit work without thinking twice. I was fed up and tired of all of it. Tired of having to fight constantly for what male departments got automatically, and tired of being paid as much as the second camera assistant, to the assistant editor, the second grip.I got tired of being a ball buster every day, in order to get less than everyone else. But I was financially supporting my mother, and had to keep at it. When I got married,I thought I would come home and be an artist. Nope, I came home and was a housewife and barely got any of my work done. And that was with a very supportive husband.
Now I am back at work, and back on the battlefield. I am a ball buster once again.

Yes, those stones do seem to lead to a much simpler life. Not an easier one, but one with clearer delineation. Everyone works, otherwise you die.

Sorry it’s still a struggle, but personally glad you’re back at it. Wondering whether you’ve watched the Makers? The episode this week was on women in Hollywood … interesting given this thread and other dialogue I’m following online. Episodes are available online – here’s Women in Hollywood.

Also, your point about “simpler” in the lack of choice of whether to work, or not. That also occurs in many households around this country – people working because they have to, not because they have a choice. But when we can work at things we love doing, and be rewarded for it financially as well, it’s certainly easier.